Fanon Courier products have been servicing the public for more than 50 years. During this period, Fanon Courier has gained recognition as an innovator in the design, engineering and marketing of a variety of consumer electronic products and commercial communications equipment.

Fanon Courier is best known for pioneering its intercom systems for office, industry and home use. Our wireless intercoms are used by hundreds of thousands of families for baby-sitting or room-to-room communications.

In 1989, Fanon Courier entered the mobile communications market with the introduction of the COURIER PROCOM line of VHF and UHF portable transceivers. The PROCOM line has been expanded to include 5 Watt, crystal controlled transceivers and synthesized programmable transceivers. Fanon transceivers offer high level performance at exceptional values.

Fanon’s power megaphones are in use all over the country by airlines, boaters, police and fire departments. Fanon megaphones have become standard equipment for recreational supervisors and team sport coaches and are widely used in the movie and television industry. Fanon MV-lOS Megaphones are in use by the U.S. Armed Forces all over the world.

Fanon has also been a manufacturer of public address amplifiers and paging/talkback speakers and background music systems for the commercial sound field for over 50 years.

Fanon products have always had an excellent reputation for high quality, trouble free performance in the commercial sound, communication and consumer electronics markets.